Spring is here!

An early start heralded the beginning of our Spring projects, with me meeting Owain, Joseph, and the familiar rented 7-seater just outside Cambridge on Sunday morning. Engineering works, a hasty U-turn and three hours of driving later saw more of us than we were expecting arriving in the car in Monmouth for our first concert of 2017 on home soil, in Wye Valley Music’s 2016/17 season, with a lovely programme covering the whole range of our repertoire. Featuring several pieces that help us with preparations for recording this week! The church and Monmouthshire were stunning and we really enjoyed performing there and seeing some familiar faces, many of whom had travelled down from Herefordshire. Being one of the members of the group who suffers from standing at a normal height, I found myself in the familiar position of being pressed up against Josh and our luggage in the back of the car for the drive back to Cambridge, where we are now installed and from where we are very excited to bring you news from our recording in the beautifully sunny Trinity College over the next few days!


Our first venue, the beautiful Priory Church in Monmouth.


Trinity chapel in the sun.


The set up begins in the chapel vestry – miles of cabling and a welcome return to working with group favourite David Hinitt accompanied by our producer Adrian Peacock.

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