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Isolation Special (16 May 2020)

Episode 3 is our Isolation Special: bringing you all the news and views from the members of The Gesualdo Six and their friends in isolation. Featuring a discussion about the voice and acoustics with countertenor duo Guy and Andrew, Sam baking some bread, and Josh seeing a giraffe on a bicycle.

Feria Quarantina (27 March 2020)

In our second episode, we tackle the big issue at the moment: how to record a podcast while in isolation. Mike chairs this bumper issue, which has been specially re-recorded to reflect the current situation and the impact the coronavirus has had on our concert schedule. Fortunately there is much to celebrate: the release of our latest album, Fading, forms the backbone of this episode – we discuss our favourite tracks from the disc, and Owain interviews the composer of the title track, Joanna Marsh. Alongside clips from the album, Guy chooses his Desert Island Discs, and we answer some of your burning questions in #AskG6.

New Year: New Music (3 March 2020)
Sam chairs a travel blog from Australia, Owain interviews special guest Héloïse Werner, and we share some audio clips from our recent concerts. First up, Mike explains a bit about why we’re recording this podcast, and introduces newest member of the team, Andrew.

Pilot – our first podcast (31 January 2020)
Introducing all of us to all of you – via 7-way Rock Paper Scissors, canoeing disaster, Sam’s shaky start to Veganuary, and what makes us tick as a group.

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