USA Tour Fall 2022

We can’t wait to return to the US this fall for our second tour! We will be giving concerts and workshops in Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. Our full tour schedule can be found below, along with our commitment to tour as sustainably as possible.

You can read about our experiences on our blog or listen to us chat as we travel around on our podcast.

Tour Dates

Columbus OH

Friday 28 October 2022
Venue: St Joseph Cathedral (Early Music Columbus)
Time: 8pm
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Germantown TN

Tuesday 1 November 2022
Venue: St George’s Episcopal Church
Time: 7pm

Memphis TN

Wednesday 2 November 2022
Venue: St John’s Episcopal Church
Time: 7.30pm

Memphis TN

Thursday 3 November 2022
Venue: Harris Hall, University of Memphis
Time: 7.30pm

Charleston SC

Saturday 5 November 2022
Venue: Grace Church Cathedral
Time: 7.30pm

Augusta GA

Sunday 6 November 2022
Venue: St John’s United Methodist Church
Time: 3pm

Tour Programs

English Motets
During the renaissance, musical composition flourished, but it was a time of great change, fuelled by religious division. This programme traces music written by some of the English Renaissance masters over a period of two-hundred years, encompassing florid medieval-sounding pieces by Forest and Sheryngham, intricately woven polyphonic works by Tallis and Byrd, and the beautiful simplicity of Gibbons and Tomkins. In anticipation of his 400th anniversary year, we pay special attention to the music of William Byrd, one of the foremost composers of the Renaissance in Europe.

Lux Aeterna
Grief touches all of us at some point during our lives, affecting each person in different ways. The music in this programme is intended to illustrate some of these emotions, exploring musical responses to mourning and loss. In broad terms, we focus in on three perspectives: uncertainty, acknowledgement and hope. If you like, this is a sequence for the souls of the departed, to be heard by those who remember them.


There is no easy way to reduce our carbon footprint when touring. We have agreed to follow these steps and welcome advice or feedback from those with experience and ideas.

  • Travel with reusable water bottles, coffee cups and cutlery
  • Use air travel as minimally as possible
  • Offset carbon emissions when it is not possible to use public transport. We subscribe to Ecologi and aim to become a climate positive workforce.
  • Share one vehicle where possible
  • Turn down room cleaning when staying in hotels more than one night and bring our own toiletries

Contact us to find out more.

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