My heart is like a singing bird

We have wanted to make a video of My heart is like a singing bird by Sarah Rimkus since our first performance back in 2016. We asked artist Mair Elen Park to respond to the score and she created a series of hearts which interpret the music.

The Hearts: a little explanation

In My heart is like a singing bird, Sarah Rimkus creates the outline of a heart through musical notation. This inspired me to use the hearts as vessels that contain the colourful patterns, shapes and textures that emerged from the music as I worked intuitively with a range of materials. Small pencil, ink and charcoal sketches were my initial responses to the music, which I used as rough plans to then play freely with Acrylic paint, iridescent mediums, oil pastels, chalk and collage in the final workings of the hearts. Although Rosetti’s poem is laden with beautiful imagery, I didn’t want to simply illustrate the text, but instead respond to G6’s haunting performance with the hope to compliment the listening experience.

– Mair Elen Park, 2021

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