Christmas Tour Blog – Day 1

Written by Sam Mitchell, purveyor of good cheer. 

It was a typical December day in London on the day of our departure with advent chill becoming ever more intense and Southern rail living up to its reputation. This only enhanced our anticipation of our first leg of the tour with a quick pit stop in Monaco. After some last minute train cancellations we rendezvoused at Gatwick’s northern terminal, clad in Christmas jumpers, where Monsieur Park handed out his immaculate tour packages, containing everything we required for the week ahead.

After a very pleasant flight courtesy of British Airways we arrived in Nice where we could hop on a train to take us to Monaco, Monsieur James decided to take charge and lead the group on a magical mystery tour, giving us a chance to admire the palm trees whilst walking alongside a French dual carriageway – the classic holiday vibe. After walking three sides of a very large square we finally got the train to Monaco.

G6 Monaco Ferris Wheel 2016
Upon arriving in Monaco we instantly marvelled at the beauty of its topography, architecture, the expensive boats and also the surprising number of chihuahuas. Soon enough our day of travelling had left the group feeling rather peckish and soon enough we settled upon a charming tapas bar. About half way through our delicious meal, word got around that some singers were performing in the Chappelle de la Visitation, and that we were the very same musicians. Naturally, some of our fellow diners requested a few songs, and despite the fact that absolutely no one in The Gesualdo Six likes singing in public, we obliged in singing a few Christmas ditties.

With our appetites satisfied we retired to the hotel and ended the day with a few relaxing games of Perudo before getting a good night’s sleep to prepare for sightseeing in the morning before our concert preparations. Here’s to a wonderful remainder of our time in Monaco!

— Sam Mitchell, 05/12/16

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