Josquin’s Legacy (2021)


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We are delighted to present our fourth album, Josquin’s Legacy (2021), which is available to pre-order. Released 29 October 2021.

About the CD

Courts in renaissance Italy were meeting places for some of the greatest musicians from across Europe. The Court at Ferrara became a leading centre: many of the Franco-Flemish school passed through its gates and perhaps the most notable of these is Josquin. Taking inspiration from Josquin’s 500th-anniversary year in 2021, this recording contextualises some of the ‘jewels in the crown’ of Italian Renaissance repertoire by tracing themes of pedagogy and patronage in northern Italy over 150 years.

Guy James © 2021


“The central work, Josquin’s highly personal Nymphes des Bois, was composed in memory of the Franco-Flemish composer Ockeghem, whose own five-part setting to the Virgin Mary, Intemerata Dei mater, opens the album. Works by Jean Mouton, Adrian Willaert, Heinrich Isaac and others complete this impeccably performed recital. It’s hard to think it could be better sung.” – The Guardian (Fiona Maddocks)


Ockeghem Intemerata Dei mater

Josquin Nymphes des bois

Compere Quis numerare queat

Brumel Tous les Regretz

Pierre de la Rue Absalon fili mi

Josquin Illibata Dei virgo nutrix

Févin Nesciens Mater

Mouton Qui ne regrettoit le gentil Févin

Willaert Infelix ego

Isaac Esto mihi

Josquin O virgo prudentissima

Josquin Tu solus facis mirabilia

L’Héritier Miserere mei, Domine


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