Christmas Tour Blog – Day 5: Joe Blogs

Due to technical difficulties with our website, (which we hope are now fixed once and for all!) we weren’t   able to publish our last two tour blogs when they were ready. Presented here in all it’s slightly-delayed glory we have Day 5 (Salisbury), written by local boy Joseph:

Friday began with an early start (which for me always requires the use of several alarm clocks). However, on this occasion I was raring to go!

Having been a chorister at Salisbury Cathedral, it was to be a very special morning for me as we prepared to sing for the pupils, staff and parents of the Cathedral School during their Friday morning assembly, which takes place in the cathedral itself. We arrived and sang through our two pieces, and immediately began to enjoy singing that bit louder to project the length of the quire. The children were such attentive listeners, and it proved to be a very successful performance, which was greatly appreciated by the school. Huge thanks to my parents (who teach at the school), the Chaplain and to the Headmaster for making us feel so welcome, and for making it happen at all!

Then proceeded a rather extended, excellent brunch at Boston Tea Party and some well earned free time before we welcomed back Owain from Cambridge and Josh from London (apparently he sings in some other groups).

We then returned to St Martin’s Church, 15 months after our first concert there, and proceeded to wallow in the near-perfect acoustic. We enjoyed using the entire building during our evening concert, moving to the very front and very back of the church, as well as singing Brian Kay’s catchy arrangement of Gaudete in procession down the side aisles (successfully remaining in time!). We were fortunate to welcome a lovely audience of some of our old friends, some people who had not heard us before, as well as family and friends who live in Salisbury, including several of my former teachers from the cathedral school.

I would like to thank my parents, on behalf of the group, for hosting all of us so well as always including chauffeuring, feeding, hosting a small party after the concert, and for promoting the concert locally for us. We can’t wait to return!



A photo taken during the concert in St. Martin’s Church in Salisbury on the 9th December 2016.

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